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Well, so this is Ghost... Not as spooky of a blog platform as I would have expected given the name. That said, it is haunted by the spectres of all the other old failed blog projects of my past, which occasionally rattle some chains and creak the doors in my email inbox. What the hell even is Tumblr again?

Anyway, now that I have my office in my new house set up, a summer full of nothing to do, a lot of mental boredom, and no real obligation to dress in anything more than shorts, I will be contributing to this blog at least once a week.

News! Today I got rid of an old couch and we got a new Betta fish, this one is called Slick Willie after Bill Clinton, nothing like the sick humor of naming a helpless fish with the satirical name of an alleged rapist president.

In other news, I'm attending a seminar on facility energy auditing with some nerd from PG&E, it's quite interesting, possibly because they have free coffee. This is day one of three, I may survive. Did you know that 10% of all the energy used on Earth is for American buildings? Furthermore, did you know that induction lightbulbs can last 100,000 hours?

That's it for now