Keg Barbecue: the BeerBQ

Hello! It's the summer in America, so beer and burnt hotdogs are on the menu.
I live in a college town, and the tradition of buzzin' and grillin' is stil going strong.

On a different note, I've been working on a project recently that has left with with a large amount of old beer kegs.

Combine these topics, and you get the motivation for one of my next builds. I am building a barbecue out of a beer keg!

The basic description is this: I am going to cut a standard size (1/2 barrel) keg in half across the diameter, leaving me with two smaller cylinders, each with an open end. The cut edges of these kegs will be placed in such a way that the curved edges of the keg pieces will nest together snugly and provide a good airseal. These two pieces will be hinged at the back so the bbq will open like a clamshell. I will attach grill mounts, handles, a thermometer, and a few air vents. This will all be mounted in a wooden frame with two little aluminum preparation trays on either side.

As the project gets underway I will provide updates!