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I'm Daniel. I'm currently a Senior in the BS Sustainable Manufacturing program at CSU Chico in Northern California. Additionally, I am the president of the campus chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, as well as a freelance CAD design and manufacturing tech consultant for whoever needs my help. I currently spend my time working in the CSU Chico manufacturing laboratories, working on various personal projects, researching useful information, and searching for new opportunities.

I would describe myself as a practical Maker. The Maker movement promotes everyone to make their own projects and think outside the bounds of traditional commodity culture. This is a wonderful trend, but in my observance it can result in an oversimplification of the intricate nature and economics of making your own objects. This simplification ultimately results in a large volume of neat but low quality or uninspired products. I have always endeavored to resist this trend and make things that have a good purpose and are characterized by durability, simplicity, and functionality. This is why I describe myself as a "Practical Maker".